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Recruiting Temporary Human Resources Executives

Situations can arise in any business, large or small, that create an urgent need for a temporary HR executive to handle a special situation. Unexpected or unplanned changes can make it difficult for existing management to cope with an emergent situation or sudden change in the business environment. When such conditions occur, any company may need temporary leadership in human resources on short notice to provide temporary management.

HR Executive Search Firm can assist any company in these situations by efficiently recruiting temporary or contract executives who can step in, take charge, and provide effective short-term leadership. In fact, some seasoned, experienced executives specifically seek out these challenging assignments. They prefer interim positions where their long experience and management skills can be used to solve immediate problems. Our extensive personnel networking capabilities and candidate database system let us quickly find seasoned, experienced executives capable of handling any situation, including:

  • Unexpected Vacancies

    This common situation can develop without notice. The death of a person in a leadership position, a sudden resignation, or the need to immediately terminate person in a senior position, can create a sudden gap in leadership. If no existing management member is ready to step in, a temporary solution may be necessary until a permanent replacement can be recruited and hired. We can help find a temporary replacement with the skills and temperament required to handle such vacancies.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    These situations can create a challenging environment for any company, especially when the merger or acquisition means reductions in staff on a widespread basis. Often, the existing management does not have the specialized skills needed to handle the situation, or doesn’t meet the acquiring company’s requirements. A highly qualified contract HR executive can step in and ensure an orderly transition.

  • Business Closures

    Any time a business shuts down its operations, the complexity of this process presents a challenge to any HR Department. The existing management may not have the experience or knowledge needed to handle the complex situations that can develop. A contract manger or director with experience in business closures and the regulatory and legal requirements specific to such situations can effectively manage the shutdown. We can help recruit the right candidate quickly to join your team.

  • Disaster Management

    Natural disasters can quickly turn a smoothly running business into a chaotic situation. Such disasters can lead to enormous problems for HR Departments, which may not be well equipped for such an unexpected upheaval. Finding an experienced temporary executive with disaster management experience may be the best solution, and you can turn to HR Executive Search Firm for assistance.

  • Planned Changes

    Occasionally, senior corporate management loses confidence in the leadership of its HR operation. When such a situation arises, it may be necessary to require a resignation or terminate that person. Finding a permanent replacement can require a longer process than time permits. In such a situation, a take-charge, experienced temporary executive can fill the position expertly and maintain proper HR operation until a permanent replacement can be recruited and hired.

Temporary Contract Recruiting of Human Resources Executives

If any special situation causes unexpected changes in your Human Resources leadership, call on our Executive Search Firm for assistance. As staffing specialists, we can recruit temporary and contract HR executives with expertise in interim management. Our seasoned recruiters can quickly identify and place fully qualified temporary replacements to help your company minimize complex issues while searching for permanent replacements. For over two decades, businesses across the country have relied on us for fast, cost-effective search and placement service, from Philadelphia, Newark and Norfolk to Toledo, Boise and Little Rock, and from Sioux Falls, Nashville, Atlanta to Denver, Chicago and Kansas City. Contact us and let us be of assistance. Our extensive network, database of qualified specialists, and experienced recruiters are ready to help.