HR Executive Search

National HR Executive Recruitment and Placement Firm

When founded in 1995, HR Executive Search Firm set out to serve primarily the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area in Minnesota. With a remarkable 400% growth in the business over less than two years, it quickly became apparent that a staffing and placement agency dedicated to the human resources field had long been needed. As the company’s reputation grew, so did its service scope, soon reaching far beyond the Midwest region.

Today, our human resources search firm has a truly national recruitment scope, and serves both businesses and applicants throughout the country. Despite that growth, our firm retains the dedication to forming unique partnerships with its clients that lead to personalized service in matching company goals with talented candidates on a one-to-one basis. This is especially true in our executive search division, where each position represents a unique set of criteria that must be met, and met by candidates who have the right combination of experience, vision, and leadership style. Our national search scope is enabled, in part, by:

  • Nationwide Networking

    In the human resources field, talented and resourceful leaders with the vision and experience in handling complex HR functions can be found throughout the nation. Since 1995, we have developed an extensive network across the United States, from Atlanta, Sacramento and Wichita to Corpus Christi, Charlotte and Boston, and from Memphis, Las Vegas and San Jose to Detroit, Albuquerque and Milwaukee. Our network enables us to recruit top-notch candidates in all industries.

  • Large Candidate Database

    Given our reputation for helping seasoned leadership candidates advance their careers, HR executives who are seeking new challenges contact us on a regular basis in their quest for positions that fit their industry experience and career goals. We quickly identify potential candidates, based on a large number of criteria in our database of potential candidates known to us.

  • Advanced Video Conferencing Capabilities

    At our executive search firm, we can arrange video conferencing for use during our screening and interview process, as well as video conferencing between our clients and candidates. This not only saves valuable time, but also reduces travel costs during the selection process. This technology has revolutionized executive recruiting and helped expand the available pool of candidates.

  • Extensive Knowledge of Regional Job Markets

    Our search firm constantly monitors the current human resources community across the country, keeping its finger on the pulse of business changes and opportunities in all major markets, including:

    • Los Angeles and San Francisco Executive Search – California is a fertile area for both career opportunities and available top executives. Both the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay area are closely served by our executive recruiting firm.
    • New York Executive Recruiting – As the nation’s business hub for banking, financial, travel and entertainment industries, we constantly follow changing conditions and opportunities in this market, focusing on the entire New York City Metro Area and the states and cities nearby including New Jersey and Philadelphia.
    • Chicago Executive Search – Chicago, America’s Second City, is the center of many industries, and conditions there for advanced careers and executives are always of great interest for our firm.
    • Minneapolis St Paul Executive Placement – On our home ground, no other firm has a more complete understanding of this thriving and growing metropolitan area than we do. A source of excellent executive talent and leadership positions, the Twin Cities area is truly our back yard.
    • HR Recruitment in Other Areas – The corporate world is rapidly changing, and corporate headquarters can be found in all parts of the United States and around the world. As a nationwide HR search and recruiting firm, our network and capabilities reaches into every region.

Providing Top Human Resources Executive Recruiting Solutions

By providing full-service human resources executive recruiting and placement services for companies and organizations throughout the nation, HR Executive Search Firm has a reach that extends into every region and business center in the United States and beyond. When it comes to executive placement we erase all boundaries. We bring staffing solutions to every part of the nation, in every industry. Contact us soon to discuss your organization’s needs, and take advantage of our deep knowledge and long experience.