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Our Team of HR Executive Recruiters Makes the Difference

Human resource management is, by its very nature, a people-oriented profession. At HR Executive Search Firm, we have a team of dedicated, seasoned recruiters with extensive experience in recruiting and placement of HR executives. For over 20 years, we have been helping businesses across the country find top-performing candidates to fill leadership vacancies. Presenting talented, creative, and visionary leaders to meet and exceed the precise criteria of our clients is our top priority at all times. All leading HR recruiters, our executive search team strives to form the partnerships with clients that help us fully understand their requirements. Then, they seek out candidates based on those requirements, using their in-depth knowledge of personnel management standards and best practices, along with their ability to hone in on the characteristics that identify true leaders.

Susan Miller – CEO of Human Resources Executive Search Firm

HR Executive Recruiter In 1995, Susan Miller founded our search and placement agency, based on the concept that the unique characteristics of Human Resource management and staffing demanded a tightly focused, dedicated approach to recruitment at all levels. That vision was quickly proven, and HR Executive Search Firm grew quickly, showing a 400% increase in business within the first two years of operation. Beginning as a recruiting and placement company serving the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area in Minnesota, the company quickly grew to have the national scope it enjoys today.

An important key to that success is Susan’s belief that success depends on building a team of proven recruiters with exceptional talents and loyalty. Hand-selected team members, each with extensive experience, work closely together to help businesses create and build HR teams with executives and staff who match each client’s unique search criteria and goals. This vision and its implementation have led to a number of prestigious awards, including:

  • Business Journal – Industry Leader Award, 2008
  • Business Journal – Top 25 List – Women Owned Businesses
  • Business Journal – Top 25 List – Staffing Firms
  • Business Journal – Top 25 List – Executive Search Firms

A Business graduate of the University of Minnesota, Susan takes a hands-on approach to every aspect of the executive search operation. She works closely with her staff to ensure that every search assignment is done to the client’s satisfaction. For over 20 years, Susan and her executive recruiters filled thousands of HR leadership positions with extraordinary candidates for businesses in a wide range of industries.

Recruiting HR Executives Nationwide

At our national executive search firm, our executive recruiters focus on finding dynamic, proven leaders who meet or exceed the search criteria by our clients. Our extensive candidate network, our data matching, and our seasoned senior HR recruiters, combine to produce excellent results. With the commitment to excellence, our firm’s record of success is your assurance that your vacant position will be filled with the best candidate who can step in and make immediate contributions. For over two decades, we have served clients across the country, from Los Angeles, San Jose and Seattle to Philadelphia, Indianapolis and Miami, and from Detroit, Chicago and Cleveland to San Antonio, Nashville and Phoenix. Contact us soon to put our team to work for you.