HR Executive Search

Screening Strategies for Human Resources Executive Placement

At the executive level, winnowing down a large field of potential candidates for an open position is complex and exacting process. Once a list of candidates for a top-level management position is created, the process becomes even more difficult, since each candidate represents a long history of performance and leadership abilities. When the position is at an executive level for human resources operations, the unique search criteria may be less well understood by the senior management and difficult to evaluate. Making the right choice is crucial to the growth and success of your enterprise.

At HR Executive Search Firm, we have developed an innovative and successful recruiting, screening and interview strategy that has proven itself in selecting the right candidates. For over 2 decades, we have been matching corporate HR executive search requirements with talents with the leadership skills and proven history of performance that are critical factors in a successful appointment. Since our focus is entirely on human resources search and placement, our recruiters have the unique skills and experience needed to assist you in candidate screening. Our strategy and techniques include the following:

  • Identifying Your Criteria

    As the initial step in any executive search assignment, we work closely with you to define every aspect of your requirements and expectations. In forming partnerships with our corporate clients, this process identifies every important characteristic. From qualifications and experience to your corporate culture, our executive recruiters will build a detailed list of search criteria. This process may include suggestions from us regarding factors you may not have considered, based on our long experience.

  • Recruiting Potential Candidates

    Based on the criteria established with you, we will begin the recruitment process, using our state-of-the-art selection techniques to identify potential candidates already known to us. In addition, listing your position on our website and in other appropriate venues will attract inquiries from additional candidates. Our extensive HR management network will also be fully employed, and discreet inquiries made to identify possible candidates. At all times, our dedication to confidentiality and discretion is assured.

  • Initial Screening

    Our seasoned recruiters will carefully screen all applicants, based on your criteria, using a variety of techniques, including in-depth examination of candidate information. Through this process, unsuitable candidates will be eliminated, reducing the number of applicants to a workable number.

  • Interviews

    This crucial state of the selection process is conducted by our senior recruiters, who use their extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of leadership and management skills to home in on your search criteria. Since candidates may be located anywhere, interviews may be conducted in person at our Minneapolis headquarters or via video conferencing.

  • Verification of Credentials

    Before a candidate is placed on a short list to be presented to you, we verify all information provided by that candidate. This assures you that candidates you meet for consideration are fully vetted and are as they represent themselves.

  • Presentation and Facilitation

    Throughout the process we continue our communication with you, keeping you informed of progress and clarifying any issues that arise. We work efficiently and steadily to create a short list of fully-qualified candidates and then present them to you for consideration. We will make introductions and work with you to arrange interviews and meetings with the selected candidates. Our video conferencing capabilities are available for this process as well. Our job does not end until you have made a successful selection, and we will assist you in every possible way.

National Leader in Human Resources Executive Placement

As a full-service human resources search and placement agency, it is our goal to establish a long-term relationship with our clients, covering the entire range of recruiting for your personnel management needs. Our search and placement services are an important aspect of that partnership, and our top-notch recruiters devote themselves tirelessly in assisting you in filling these critical positions with creative, visionary leaders. Our national service scope allows us to find the best candidates across the country, from Tampa, Tucson and Baltimore to New Orleans, Madison and Scottsdale, and from Kansas City, Raleigh and Jacksonville to Pittsburgh, Dallas and Scottsdale. Contact us at any time to discuss your executive recruiting requirements or for assistance with general staffing. Our long history of success is your assurance of quality service.