HR Executive Search

Human Resources Executive Recruiting Agency

In the United States, there are many executive recruiting companies. Most of these are non-specialized, working with corporations and organizations to recruit executives for a wide range of positions. Whether you are looking for a CEO, CIO, CFO, or any human resources executive, they promise to recruit candidates for your open position and present you with a list of potential candidates. When it comes to executive candidates for human resources positions, a number of unique characteristics are crucial in your selection of a successful candidate. Choosing a reputable search firm that specializes in human resource management at the high level gives you a distinct edge over non-specialized recruiters.

Founded in 1995 as a full-service human resources personnel services agency, we have a single focus: human resources personnel. Susan Miller, our founder, recognized the unique nature of this field and envisioned a customized approach to recruiting. The fast growth and success of our agency demonstrated the validity of that approach. Every one of our seasoned and experienced recruiters has extensive background in this field, and is dedicated 100% to excellence in HR search and placement. Among the many unique approaches we take to finding the most qualified candidates, the following are key:

  • Our Nationwide Networking

    Our network of connections within the human resources community is constantly cultivated and expanded. That network, and our constant focus on human resources issues and developments mean that we are in touch with successful leaders throughout the country. Our recruiters understand the trends and regulatory issues surrounding this unique field. It also means that we learn early about changes that may affect human resources functions in a wide range of industries.

  • Our Leadership Attracts Leaders

    When highly accomplished leaders in the human resources field think about career changes, HR Executive Search Firm is a natural contact. Our wide-ranging involvement in executive recruiting and placement means that we are one of the first contacts made by top executives contemplating a move.

  • Our Extensive Database

    At our executive search agency, we maintain detailed and extensive data on executives and senior managers who have contacted us regarding their career plans. When a company contacts us about an open senior management position, we employ state-of-the-art data search algorithms to identify potential candidates already known to us.

  • Our Recruiting Reach

    Career opportunity listings on our website and other outreach efforts reach a network of top-performing, proven executives, and provide a rich source of potential candidates. As a leader in HR executive recruiting and placement, we are known throughout the nation, from Des Moines, Seattle, Montgomery and Salt Lake City to Fort Lauderdale, Baton Rouge, Jersey City and Orlando.

  • Our Screening and Interviewing Expertise

    Since we specialize solely in human resources placement, we are uniquely able to help you assess candidates for these important positions. Our state-of-the-art video conferencing technology brings candidates to the table for interviews, no matter where they are located. Our senior recruiters have a combined experience of over half a century, all focused on personnel management. We recognize excellence in vision and leadership and zero in on those characteristics in our screening and interviews.

Bringing Focus and Experience to HR Recruiting

At every corporation and organization, a dedicated HR Department handles hiring, benefits and payroll. When you need an executive to oversee all human resources functions, however, your current staff may not be your best choice in finding these top-level candidates. Partnering with an HR executive recruiting agency brings objectivity, confidentiality, and tightly focused expertise to the table. At a result, you are assured that the candidates for that critical position represent the very best talent available. Contact us to discuss your management personnel vacancies, and to begin the process of selecting a solid, creative leader for your leadership position.