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Recent trends in human resources employment figures have reflected the optimism shown by improvements in the overall economic climate in the United States. Equity market indexes have nearly doubled in value in recent years. In the past 5 years, human resources hiring has turned sharply upwards. According to Wanted Analytics, a leading source of employment data and analysis, the number of human resources job opportunities, including executive and management-level jobs, advertised nationwide has reached a four-year high, with volumes surpassing historic high levels.

As a leading search firm that specializes in recruiting for human resources management positions, we have noticed this upturn in available opportunities. We find this trend promising today and moving into the future. As general improvements in economic conditions are encouraging, we’re seeing more opportunities for all human resources employees, across the board, and especially in major cities across the country. Wanted Analytics reports the following increases in HR job listings over the past year in:

  • Nationwide: +17%
  • New York City Area: +78.5%
  • Chicago Metro Area: +68.8%
  • Greater Los Angeles: +40.1%
  • Dallas-Fort Worth: +115.6%
  • Miami Area: +404.4%

Among the top 5 job titles in these listings were Human Resources Manager and Director positions, demonstrating that hiring for executive and management positions is on the rise. This upward trend appears ready to continue as the overall economy improves further.

As the demand for highly accomplished executives continues to grow, additional opportunities will become available as talented, experienced HR management specialists who have been reluctant to change positions begin to make career-building moves. Competition to hire exceptionally capable, proven leaders among employers should increase as well. Overall, this growth should provide an increasingly active employment market for human resources management professionals.

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