HR Executive Search

Contingency Executive Search for Human Resources

Recruitment of employees, even at the executive level, is normally done on a contingency fee basis by most search firms. This ensures the search quality and helps achieve timely and effective results. Similarly, employers pay for all placement costs to ensure that qualified candidates for any position incur no costs during the process. This system has worked well for a very long time, producing qualified candidates for positions at all levels of employment, efficiently and effectively.

At our HR search firm, we embrace this concept as well. Our highly competitive fees for recruitment are earned only when our performance results in the placement of a fully qualified candidate for the position. In specialized situations, however, we also may work on a retained fee basis. When you contact us to discuss having us recruit HR executives for your organization, we will be happy to discuss all options with you and will accommodate you to meet your requirements. In most cases, the normal contingency basis will apply. Some of the factors that lead to our efficiency and timely performance include:

  • Our Recruiting Process

    Since the founding of our executive search firm in 1995, we have constantly evaluated and refined our recruiting process. Our goal is to continually improve its effectiveness and efficiency to provide timely, top-quality results for our clients at the lowest possible cost.

  • Our Professional Team

    Our hand-selected staff is made up of seasoned recruiters, with extensive education and experience. Armed with a thorough understanding of Human Resource management, they are ideally equipped to locate and screen candidates for your open positions.

  • Our Human Resources Focus

    Unlike most general search firms, we focus solely on human resources. That specialization makes us an ideal choice when companies are seeking to fill top HR positions. We understand the requirements and responsibilities of HR management intimately. That understanding materially assists us in screening potential candidates.

  • Our Screening Process

    Before beginning our executive recruiting process, we work with our clients to identify all aspects of the search assignment. From qualifications and experience to identifying your corporate culture, our screening process is designed to select fully qualified candidates who are proven leaders, understand your industry, and are a great fit for your organization.

  • Our National Scope

    Wherever your business is located and wherever ideal candidates for your position may be, HR Executive Search Firm has the nationwide networking capability needed to locate and place candidates who match your search criteria. As an award-winning leader in recruiting and placement at every level, we attract top-flight candidates who are seeking positions to match their skills, vision, and experience across the country, from Phoenix, Seattle, Scottsdale and Toledo to Pittsburgh, Boston, Philadelphia and Charlotte, and from Tampa, Detroit, Indianapolis and Chicago to Atlanta, Nashville, Dallas and San Antonio.

Leadership in HR Executive Recruiting and Placement Services

Time is of the essence in recruitment of skilled, visionary leaders. Equally important is the ability to select from a list of fully qualified candidates who match your hiring criteria and who can bring inspired leadership. HR Executive Search Firm is uniquely able to meet those needs, and has a long history of success that assures you of timely, efficient service. Contact us and to get our proven process underway. We will work with your company to create the best solution, whether it is a contingency or retained search.