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Matching Top-Performing Leaders with Management Career Opportunities

As an experienced human resources executive or manager, your career development is a top priority for you. Your vision, goals, and leadership abilities, along with your industry experience are your unique attributes. Those attributes make you a valuable and desirable asset. Like many accomplished executives, you may be contemplating a career move that will enable you to advance your career and be recognized for what you have achieved. Seeking new opportunities is a proven path toward the fulfillment of your goals.

Our HR employment agency is always interested in the career goals of talented, seasoned, and visionary human resources executives. As a recognized leader in HR search and placement, corporations and organizations ask us to fill their vacant positions of vice president, director and senior manager. To do that job, we actively recruit the very best candidates. Our recruiting team is made up of experienced recruiters who understand both the search requirements of our corporate clients and of management-level candidates. Our goal is to find the ideal candidate for each position. Our recruiters follow a proven process to fill positions such as:

  • VP of Human Resources
  • Human Resources Director
  • Senior Managers
  • Other High-Level Positions

Throughout our painstaking process, we work from a detailed set of criteria for each position, and then recruit and screen potential candidates to achieve the best possible matches between client and applicant. We don’t consider only experience and education, but take into account the corporate culture and vision. Through in-person or video-conferencing interviews, our seasoned recruiters explore every aspect of your skills, experience, and other characteristics to find an ideal match for your goals and plans with a challenging and rewarding career opportunity. We present candidates to our clients, and continue to facilitate the hiring process. Our employment agency’s record of making successful placements demonstrates the value of our process.

We hope you’ll review current open positions on a regular basis. We update the list frequently. We also encourage you to contact our firm to discuss your career goals with us. We maintain an extensive database of executive-level leaders who are contemplating career moves, and utilize state-of-the-art matching algorithms to select the right candidates. If you are considering growing your career further, contacting our search firm is a great first step. Confidentiality and discretion are always assured.

Full Service HR Employment Placement Agency

Since 1995, we have been recruiting human resources management candidates with exciting and challenging opportunities across the country, from Seattle, Baltimore and Milwaukee to Atlanta, San Antonio and Denver, and from Las Vegas, Jacksonville and Miami to Wichita, Pittsburgh and Orlando. Our industry-wide national scope and reputation for placing ideal candidates with opportunities has made us an award-winning human resources employment agency. Our partnerships with companies in every industry provide an ever-changing spectrum of opportunities for talented, high-achieving leaders. Contact us soon to discuss your career goals and plans.